Our Studio

Polka! members share a 1200 square foot basement studio on Madison's Northeast side. Members enjoy 24/7 access, unlimited use of collective equipment, and some individual storage space.


Interested in becoming a member? Send a completed membership application to polkapressmadison@gmail.com.

Community Access

Classes are offered periodically by individual members, and will be posted on our website and social media channels when available. To be notified of workshops and events by email, sign up for our newsletter below!

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Studio Rental
Polka! may occasionally rent our facilities to experienced printmakers not interested in full membership. Contact us for more information. Requests will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Private Lessons
Individual members may consider teaching private lessons in various printmaking methods. Please contact us for more information.




  • 5-station hinged printing table
  • 4-color t-shirt press
  • Flash dryer
  • Washout sink
  • Pressure washer
  • Darkroom
  • Exposure unit
  • Oiling table
  • Screen storage
  • Squeegees
  • Variety of limited shared inks

Letterpress & Relief

  • Vandercook SP-15
  • Showcard sign press
  • Small wood type collection
  • Small lead type collection
  • Composing stand
  • Ink slabs
  • Wooden furniture
  • Job sticks
  • Brayers and palette knives
  • Variety of limited shared inks

Binding & Editioning

  • Paper cutter
  • Book press
  • Flat files
  • Self-healing cutting mats
  • Straightedges
  • Dedicated clean workspace